Select a publicly listed company on ASX that is part of the ASX100…


Select a publicly listed company on ASX that is part of the ASX100 index ( Obtain the annual report for financial year 2021-2022 for the selected company and refer to the remuneration report. Examine the compensation contract for the selected company’s chief executive officer (CEO). : A. What amount is short-term in nature (salary and cash bonus), and what is based on the long‐term CEO’s performance? B. What proportion of the CEO’s pay is performance-based, and what proportion is not? Evaluate the relevant accounting theory to explain the composition of the CEO’s pay. C. What measures of accounting performance are used to determine the CEO’s bonus? Evaluate the relevant accounting theory in determining the CEO’s bonus. D. Given the accounting entity’s performance measures in the contract, what accounting decisions could the CEO make to maximise their bonus? E. Why would CEO prefer short‐term cash over long‐term equity bonuses? Why does this not align with shareholder interests? Explain your answer using the relevant accounting theories

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