you are to construct a business report that concerns the recent…


you are to construct a business report that concerns the recent customer data releases Medibank Private. Moreover, you are examining their responses to the event and to their customers. How has their customers reacted to these privacy issues, and the impact on the company’s image etc.What is your main argument?How do you insights differ from previous studies?
What is your theoretical contribution?
What is the scientific relevance of your research?What is the societal relevance of your research?How do you define … ?What is your theoretical framework?What is your conceptual framework?How did you collect your data?What did you do to prevent research biases?Have you considered the work of not taking this research?If you could start over, what would you do differently?What are the limitations of your research?Are you able to generalise your findings?How will you continue your research?What are your suggestions for future research?What is your advice for people studying a similar phenomenon?

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